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solar panels

A range of simple to install panels and connection kit can be supplied.

These work on the latest intermittent supply technology so are very energy efficient. A unit suitable for an 8 x 4 pool typically costing less than a €1 a day to run.

I am now able to supply a natural pool service in conjunction with an experienced landscape designer. This type of pool negates the need for chlorine and gives a beautiful natural look to that part of the garden.Several options are available with the swimming area being a more traditional straight edge basin and upright sides, or sloping sides resembling a lake or pond. 

heat pumps


Heating can extend the usable season of the pool allowing the maximum pleasure from your pool for a greater part of the year. Primarily in the spring and autumn when the night-time temperatures prevent the pool from retaining heat, and for making summer early morning dips so much more pleasurable.


I can supply and fit liners to all types of pool, whether it has an existing liner or if it is tiled with a recurring leak problem. Liners can either be measured and factory made before fitting, or can be made and fitted on site , depending on the pool type and shape.



I can carry out a full health check on your assembly and make repairs or recommendations to maximise its efficiency.

Home made fencing is not acceptable. It has to be compliant, meaning it has been tested/inspected and meets certain standards.

Pools by Jonathan


natural pools